Benefits Of Celebrating A Special Occasion For Your Kids With A Skating Party

Benefits Of Celebrating A Special Occasion For Your Kids With A Skating Party

All children want to feel special, especially on their birthday or during another important occasion. Parents are often trapped to find party games and ideas that will satisfy their kids. This becomes even more complicated when it is time to make party arrangements. How can you make everyone happy?
When it is time to celebrate and have a party, there are many reasons to consider having a skating party at your local skating rink. This option really makes party planning easy and convenient for everyone.

Skating party with kids


When it is time to narrow down the guest list, there won’t be any problems. The skating rink is large enough to suit most any crowd. Kids can invite the entire class, the neighbors, and the kids from their 4H group. Toss a couple of invitations out to the Boy or Girl Scout troop and the soccer team. Kids will feel that they are able to invite all of their buddies and parents won’t cringe due to space troubles.

Easy Planning

Planning a party at home means the parents have a big production on their hands. The house must be spotless for the arrival of the guests. The parents need to plan age-appropriate activities and games to keep the kids entertained, plus manage the prizes and food around a theme. After all of this is accomplished, then it is time for the cleanup process.

Planning a party at the skating rink is so much easier. Call up the skating rink during business hours and schedule a date and time. The rest is out of your hands unless you decide to bring in some cake and ice cream for the celebration. There is no cleanup, planning games, or chaos in your home.

Reasonably Priced

You may think that renting the skating rink for your children’s birthday party or special occasion is pricey, but really, it is very reasonably priced. Our local skating rink rents for $100 or $125 for a private party. At first glance, this may seem steep, but when you add up all of the convenience, the price is well worth it. Not to mention, how much money would you spend on the themed paper plates, cups, napkins, and hats? Now, toss in the cost of the piñata and the goodies inside. If you went to the trouble of buying balloons, streamers, and prizes or goody bags, your cost is undoubtedly approaching the $100 mark.

Great for All Ages

A skating party is perfect for children of all ages. You may be able to get by with having family over for a Pooh party when the kids were two or three, but what do you do when they are in their teens? A skating party lets the kids feel they can have fun with their friends without the childish décor and party games. Another advantage to a skating party celebration is that older siblings or younger brother and sisters can participate, as well.

Personalized Party

You may wonder how you can personalize a party at the local skating rink. Ask the deejay at the rink to play favorite songs for the guest of honor. You can even personalize songs for the all girls skate, for example. If your child loves racing games or the Four Corners game, request this during the party. The skating rink will typically announce the guest of honor and the reason for the occasion upon request.

If you have been pondering what to do for your child’s special occasion, then it is time to call your local skating rink. Ask for details about their private party reservations.

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