Ice Skating Offers Great Winter Recreation

Ice Skating Offers Great Winter Recreation


With the holidays quickly approaching, Old Man Winter is certain to make his annual appearance shortly in the form of winter ice and snow. If you are used to snow each winter, you know what fun the winter days can bring. Sledding and skating are great outdoor recreational activities that both parents and children can participate in.
Outdoor ice skating offers great exercise as well as a chance to get some fresh air during winter months.

Ice Skating Offers Great Winter Recreation

Make sure to bundle up in layers, taking care to cover exposed areas such as the head and hands. Also, apply sunscreen even though it is winter, as the sun reflects off of ice and snow and can cause sunburn.Take caution not to stay outdoors too long, or go skating when the temperature is too cold for safety.

Another thing to consider is your skate blades. If you are simply a recreational skater who owns their own skates, you’re probably fine to use them on a pond or other outdoor surface. But if you are using your skates for lessons, and use them for figure skating or hockey, you may want to invest in a pair of “pond skates,” meaning a pair that you can use for outdoor skating that doesn’t require the blades to be in perfect condition. The surfaces of non maintained ice is much different that those of indoor rinks where the Zamboni keeps the surface constantly smooth. You wouldn’t want to ruin your good skates by using them on non-surfaced outdoor ice. I recommend purchasing a used pair at a sports store that sells used equipment because you won’t want to be buying brand new skates for the entire family specifically for outdoor use.

Many communities offer outdoor ice skating in designated areas only. Never attempt to ice skate on an unmarked pond, lake or other body of water because it may be unsafe. Natural bodies of water may not be frozen thoroughly in all areas and can pose serious, life threatening risks if the ice were to break and someone fall through. Always stay off restricted areas where “no ice skating” signs are posted. Contact your local park district for safe places to enjoy outdoor skating and hockey. The police department may also be able to help you determine which places are safe for skating.

Enjoy good old fashioned ice skating outdoors this winter, just keep it safe. This will be a cherished memory in years to come, bringing back reminders of a simpler time. Get some exercise while having fun this winter.

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