Skater’s Guide to Cleaning a Portable Hydration System

Skater’s Guide to Cleaning a Portable Hydration System

Did you recently buy a portable hydration system to use while long distance skating? If so, it is important that you keep it clean. Failure to keep it hygienic will create a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria. These entities could potentially lead to illnesses like Legionnaire’s disease, Escherichia Coli and Salmonella. The simplest way to avoid such problems is to set up a cleaning routine. Here’s how:

Cleaning Supplies Needed

The first thing that you’ll need to do is purchase a few cleaning supplies. Many of the companies that manufacture the hydration systems sell cleaning kits that you can typically purchase online for less than $16. The kits tend to come with different size brushes, a drying rack and some cleaning tablets.

Hydration systems sell cleaning kits

If you don’t want to buy a kit, you can purchase bottle brushes separately online. Just make sure that the ones you buy are food grade. You can also make your own drying rack with a wire coat hanger or something similar. The main point of the drying rack is to help dry your hydration system’s bladder as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Bottle cleaner brushes

You can also make your own cleaning and sterilizing solutions with common household items like denture tablets, baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and bleach. If you do use denture tablets or bleach, be sure to rinse your hydration system’s parts with running water several times to make sure that no chemical residues remain. In my opinion, one of the best brands of denture tablets to use for cleaning a hydration system’s bladder is Efferdent. It may cost you a bit more but it seems to do a better job than some of the cheaper brands.

Setting a Cleaning Schedule

Once you have all your cleaning and sterilization supplies in place, I recommend that you at least rinse and dry out your hydration system after every use. A more thorough cleaning should be done at least monthly. I, however, recommend that you consider doing one once a week. While cleaning the system make sure that you use the brushes on every inch of the bladder, tubing and bite valve mechanism. Remember, it doesn’t take much stagnant water for bacteria to start growing.

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