The advantages of skating

The advantages of skating

It was a great desire to own roller skates when I was a kid. That looked so overwhelming. Roller skates looked so awesome to ride one. It was a substitute for the car at that age. The roller skates were really fun to race with friends and winning would give the warm feeling in life.


However, at that age, I wasn’t sure that the roller skates had any benefits, except for the fun it has to provide to the riders. Nevertheless, the fact is it provides a lot of benefits than the fun.

Improved balance and coordination

To ride on the roller skates was not an easy task. It required a lot of enthusiasm and determination to learn the skill. There was so many time we fell and then rose up to give it one more shot. The most difficult thing was that it keeps the legs balanced and coordinated.

In the beginning, it was really difficult to but with the passing of days we developed to have command in it and a time came when we were good at it. Hence, the roller skates help to develop and improve the balance and coordination of the body. It also increases the strength of the abdominal and the back muscles.

Calorie burning

The only way to prevent yourself from growing fat is to burn your calories. If the calories are not taken care of then you are most likely to be gaining weight. That is something no one wants. Skating helps you incredible to burn calories. The strength and balances that are required to stay stable on the ground burn a lot of calories that is extremely needed by the body.

Improves joint flexibility

Roller skates van help your joint from cracking. Roller skating helps the fluid in the joints to be in the perfect form. When the knees are not affected by the workout they are weak. This makes the fluid crack with a sudden strike in giving. With roller skates you knew will be flexible and you are most likely to be able to sustain any damages. These would also help you to walk freely in the old age.

Involves both the legs and the arms

Skating is not only limited to the legs.. to a great extent the arms an also used to keep up the balance. Not only that your backbone and the spine have to adjust its position according to allow you to stand still and not rest on the ground after a fall. Hence there are a lot of body parts that are involved in order to make you skate on the roller skates. Therefore roller skates is a full body exercise that improves the overall health of the body.

Improves the heart

Because of the overall body exercising explained above, the heart needs to pump in a lot of blood. This improves the blood circulation on the body and in a long run, it gives you a healthier heart.


In addition to the above benefits, skating also improves the overall mood of the person. It helps to relieve stress from a person body

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