Things to Know Before Taking Your Kids to the Ice Skating Rink

Things to Know Before Taking Your Kids to the Ice Skating Rink

Ice Skating is fun and beneficial for the entire family, especially the little ones. Not only is it fun and exciting, but it helps your child build self-esteem as he or she is learning to glide across the ice. Taking your kids to the rink may become a tradition that you and your kids will enjoy for years to come.

Things to Know Before Taking Your Kids to the Ice Skating Rink

There are things you should know before taking your kids to the ice skating rink to ensure a pleasurable experience:

Check time for public sessions. Let’s say you get the kids dressed for ice skating, drive down to the rink and you are told there is no ice skating today! Ice skating rinks are used for a variety of reasons. Hockey games and ice skating lessons are common activities at rinks. To save time and make sure you will be allowed on the ice, call the front desk or obtain a monthly schedule of all activities. Your rink may also have a website with the information you need.

Bring money. A typical admission fee is around $10.00. If your kids have their own skates, the fee is slightly lower, as you are only paying for time on the ice and not skate rentals. Rinks also have snack bars with hot chocolate, hotdogs, fries, nachos, and other foods available. Therefore, bring enough cash to satisfy the little ones while at the rink, as skating burns lots of calories.

Rent a locker. It is best to rent a locker for $3.00 instead of finding your valuables or your shoes stolen. It is true that most people will leave their shoes and bags under a seat or bench, but this just makes it easier for someone to swipe your personals. Do not make it easy for them.

Dress warmly. Everyone knows it is cold inside an ice skating rink. So, be sure your kids wear long pants and a sweater or light jacket. It is also recommended to wear gloves. Falling on the ice with bare hands is not fun! And kids will fall on the ice.

Bring chapstick/lipbalm. Kids’ lips tend to become very chapped in cold weather. Keep chapstick or lipbalm nearby. Have them apply some right before they get on the ice and reapply as needed.

Bring a camera/camcorder. Your kids will love watching themselves skate on the ice. Maybe you can catch them as they master a new skill or catch them as they are falling. It will be hilarious for all of you to see the expressions on each other faces.

Remember these things before you head out so that you and your kids can have fun at the ice skating rink!

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